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BLUEMOON COMPANY is an Importer/Wholesale Distributor dealing with the world’s finest garments, shoes, bag, accessories etc. from the U.S. and other European Countries. Knowing the market’s needs & trends and also doing our study from time to time, we provide our customers only the best and selected brands from the new ones to the old well known manufactures with decades of history. We work with humble business partners from all over the world like talented boots maker with experience, highly technologies sports wear manufactures, knitwear factories that contribute to the local economy also to the environment, unique and trendy fashion goods brands and more. Owning about 200 retail store clients with great sense of fashion that are also known as “The Trend Center” of Japan, we are also the forefront source that contributes introducing high quality apparel brands to the Japanese fashion market.

総代理店ブランド/Exclusive Distributor For
Kerry Woollen Mills / LAST CHANCE / SHAKA / Tough Traveler / etc...